Press Release – ND Releases First New Single In 15 Years

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ND Releases First New Single In 15 Years

Nostalgic Distortion | Punk's Not Dead | Cover Art

Cover art for Nostalgic Distortion’s first new single in 15 years, “Punk’s Not Dead (It’s Just Older, Balder, and Fatter)”

PLYMOUTH, NH (December 22, 2017) – Veteran New Hampshire indie-rock act Nostalgic Distortion (ND) have released their first new single in 15 years. Entitled “Punk’s Not Dead (It’s Just Older, Balder, and Fatter)”, the new song was made available on 12/15/17 as a digital download exclusively on the band’s website,, though plans are in the works to make the song available through major digital retailers such as iTunes and Amazon in the near future.

The new song was written for and about ND by founder Ryan Byrne, who says of his composition, “It is an extremely catchy, 3-minute pop-punk autobiography of ND’s 20+ year history leading up to our current reunion status as older, balder, fatter rockers”.

Nostalgic Distortion (ND) was formed in 1994 on the campus of Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire and remained active for the next 10 years, peddling their brand of “power pop punk rock n roll” with shows throughout the Granite State as well as in the bordering states of Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. During this time they also released three albums on Dissonance Records, a vanity label owned and operated by Byrne.

ND went on “hiatus” (Byrne refuses to use the term “broke up”, because his plans always included performing and recording with the band again) in 2004 when Byrne moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue other musical interests. In 2006, a couple of years after moving to Nashville, Byrne had the opportunity to become the touring bassist for country artist Stephen Cochran, who was then newly signed to indie label Aria Records Nashville. Byrne would remain Cochran’s bassist for the next 10 years, checking off a lot of items on his musical bucket list, such as: appearing in several music videos (one of which was in regular rotation on country music channel GAC), touring the USA multiple times opening for a large list of bona fide country stars, participating in a 17-day AFE (Armed Forces Entertainment) tour of the Middle East performing for American and Coalition troops in Kuwait and Bahrain, and performing for millions of TV viewers as part of FOX News Channel’s 2008 New Year’s Eve Special live from Times Square.

After nearly a decade on hiatus, Byrne contacted the other members of ND (guitarist Tim Hazelton and drummer Marc Sheehan) and made arrangements for a reunion benefit show in October 2013 to raise money for JDRF. The band decided to make it an annual event, and as of October 2017 completed their 5th annual such show. Two months later, December 2017 now sees the release of ND’s first new single in 15 years – and according to Byrne, it’s not going to stop there. “Fifteen to twenty years ago, we spent thousands of dollars each time we put out an album. But today’s digital technology allows us to record right from our own homes on our own schedules for next to nothing, and we can share files from hundreds of miles apart! For me, releasing this new single is like cracking open a faucet. There is such a backlog of material that ND never got to record, plus whatever new stuff we write. I think that this new single will be the first of many to come over the coming years”, says Byrne.

Whether you are a long-time fan of the band, or are just hearing of them for the first time, join ND’s continuing saga and download their new single today!

Nostalgic Distortion | 20th Anniversary Reunion Show

Nostalgic Distortion: (From left to right: Tim Hazelton, Ryan Byrne, and Marc Sheehan)

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