Nostalgic Distortion | Power Pop Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll . . . Goes Acoustic | Plymouth, New Hampshire to Greater New England & Beyond

Group photo of Nostalgic Distortion at a rehearsal in October 2022.

“Rock Star” (Live Acoustic at ND1R 2022)

“Donut Shop Girl” (Live Acoustic at ND1R 2022)

“Good Night Boss” (Live Acoustic at ND1R 2022)

“I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Live Acoustic at ND1R 2022)

“The Anthem” (Live Acoustic at ND1R 2021)

“Secret” (Live Acoustic at ND1R 2020)

Watch The ND 10th Annual “ONE ROCK” Benefit Show

(ND1R 2022) In Its Entirety

(Recorded Via Facebook Live 10/21/22)

What Type Of Music Does Nostalgic Distortion Play?

POWER POP PUNK ROCK ‘N’ ROLL . . . GOES ACOUSTIC: For the first 25 years of their existence, Nostalgic Distortion shows consisted of the distortion-drenched guitar-driven melodic rock that the mid 1990’s to mid 2000’s era pop punk bands were known for. However, since 2020, Nostalgic Distortion (ND) has been exploring their acoustic side. The subject matter of their original songs ranges from the goofy to the serious. ND shows and albums are just plain FUN!

Nostalgic Distortion draws inspiration from a wide ranging list of rock bands such as:

  • Buddy Holly & The Crickets
  • The Beatles
  • KISS
  • Cheap Trick
  • The Ramones
  • Social Distortion
  • Duran Duran
  • Soul Asylum
  • Green Day
  • Rancid
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • And many more!

So if you like any of the bands listed above, then you may also like the music of Nostalgic Distortion!

Though ND defines their music as power pop punk rock ‘n’ roll, they have also been classified as alternative / indie rock or underground / garage rock. However, the band members were all music majors in college and listen to everything from rock / punk / metal to country / bluegrass to funk / motown to jazz / classical. As a matter of fact – bassist Ryan Byrne is also a saxophone player, guitarist Tim Hazelton is also a trumpet player, and drummer Marc Sheehan is also versed in classical concert percussion and marching/drumline styles).

To find out if you like the music of Nostalgic Distortion, simply navigate over to our “Tunes” page and check out the music for yourself!

Where Are Nostalgic Distortion From And Where Do They Perform?

Nostalgic Distortion formed in the small yet bustling college town of Plymouth, New Hampshire in 1994, while students at Plymouth State University. Though based in central NH’s artistic / cultural hub, ND always loved and drew inspiration heavily from the fertile rock scene of mid 1990’s Portsmouth / southern NH and the greater Boston, Massachusetts region in general.

Throughout the first ten years of their career ND performed extensively throughout NH as well as stints in the bordering New England states of Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts. In 2004 ND went on hiatus when founder/bassist Ryan Byrne moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue other musical opportunities. Except for one reunion show in 2005, ND’s hiatus would last for nearly a decade until October of 2013, when the band performed the first of their annual ‘ONE ROCK’ benefit shows for JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

In early 2021, Byrne moved back to NH, making it possible for the band to get together a little more often. Though the members of ND are actively engaged in other musical projects, Nostalgic Distortion is accepting select performance opportunities in New England and beyond if schedules allow. See the Book A Show page for more info about booking ND at your event!