Throwback Holiday “Skin”

Remember the “MySpace days”? Remember when you could outfit your MySpace Page with “skins” of all types for different holidays, bands, sports teams, interests, etc.? Remember how a lot of websites in that era had “tiled” backgrounds with a picture that would repeat itself like a wallpaper design? Well, here in the land of Nostalgic Distortion, everything old is new again – and we are happy to present our throwback tiled Holiday “skin” on! Yes, you can feel like it’s 2006 all over again and reminisce what it was like to try to read text over all the distracting background tiles! Yes, we’ve brought it all back. But just until the new year – so come back and visit a few times between now and then for old times’ sake. If the nostalgia makes you yearn for the sound and feel of a physical CD instead of a streaming service, then you can still order actual ND CDs from our online store! Happy Holidays from ND!